Art Minion Designs

Art Minion Designs is the work of artisan jeweler Leah Whisenand. Her jewelry is individually handcrafted using a variety of mediums from sculpted clay to forged metal; specializing in unique, organic designs.

Techniques: Metal Smithing, Wirework and Sculpting

Favorite materials: Silver, Copper, Clay, Natural Gemstones, Bone and Fossils

From the artist:

“Why jewelry? Jewelry is my favorite form of personal expression. A removable adornment that can whisper or shout a mood. It's an icebreaker; a conversation starter. Handmade jewelry is particularly special to me because it is one of a kind. This makes it uniquely yours. As an artist, my passion is taking something simple and making it extraordinary; like taking a block of clay and transforming it into art you can wear. My designs begin with function and lead to form. Taking pride in craftsmanship, I craft jewelry that can be worn daily and survive. Quality is also very important to me. Every gemstone I use in my work is hand-selected and verified authentic to the best of my ability. I hope you enjoy my designs.”

-Leah Whisenand

Art Minion Designs