Fire Pendant
Fire Pendant
Fire Pendant

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Fire Pendant

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This unique, copper amulet derived it's color from fire. The exact pattern of colors cannot be reproduced, making it truly one of a kind.

My Process:

Flame painting is a technique used to produce beautifully bold colors on metal surfaces with a torch. Starting with an ordinary sheet of copper, I draw my design and saw it out. It is then filed and sanded by hand to ensure it is free from sharp edges and beautiful. Then, I drill a hole for the bail and clean up the edges. Now for the fun part… Using a torch, I begin to heat the metal with my flame. Once the metal starts heating up, it changes color. Heat determines color, so the stages of heat are like a rainbow. Flame on, flame off, let it cool. Repeat until I reach my desired outcome. Sometimes its quick, sometimes it takes an hour or more. Flame painting is a process and my favorite technique for coloring metal. 


Size- 25mm (approx.)

Heavy gauge copper (about as thick as a penny) Gives it a nice weight as a pendant. :)

Silver colored metal bail (large enough for a 4mm chain to slide with ease)

18" Ball Chain included  

Jewelry-grade lacquer (several coats)


*please note, the lacquer helps protect against surface scratches and oxidation (exposure to air darkens copper) but it's not permanent. Over time it can wear off due to normal wear and tear. Don't worry, this can actually enhance a piece. Colors get darker giving it more "antique" appearance. 



To clean, use a soft, dry cloth like you would for sunglasses. You may use mild soap and water, but not recommended. IMPORTANT: Never use any polishing cloths or chemicals to clean your amulet. This will harm or remove the color of your pendant.


**Please keep in mind that the colors reflect light in different ways depending on the angle and background. I do my best to give an accurate representation of color. That is why I photograph my work in natural light with light and dark backgrounds.

Fire Pendant