"Little Sun" Amulet

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Certainly a conversation starter, this gorgeous Sterling Silver pendant features Simbircite, an ancient stone with a history equally intriguing as its beauty. "Little Sun" is a reference to “take a little sun in hands”, believed since ancient times that Simbircite gives warm energy to the person carrying it.  

Hand fabricated in Portland, OR

Size: Approximately 45mm (1.8"), oxidized Sterling Silver 

Weight: 1.65oz

Chain (Included): Approximately 24" in length with a lobster clasp, oxidized Sterling Silver

What is Simbircite?

Simbircite is relatively new to the gemstone world yet it is an ancient stone. Formed over 160 million years ago, Simbircite with pyrite is both a gemstone and fossil. What is it, exactly? Simply put, it is a crystalized ammonite from the age of the dinosaurs. After ammonites became extinct, a complex mixture of calcite (CaCO3), aragonite, pyrite, marl, chabazite and quartz crystalized in the empty chasms of the ammonite shell. That is what gives this stone its gorgeous yellow and amber colors. The veins of gold (pyrite) seen throughout the stone were originally the bones of the ammonite. Simbircite took approximately 80 million years to form. Mind. Blown. 

Where does Simbircite come from?

Simbircite, also known as “River Volga Amber”, comes from the Russian city of Simbirsk (now Ulianovsk). Since olden times, the locals of river Volga made amulets, pendants and other decorations using this stone. They used powder from these stones for cicatrization of wounds and treatment for eczemas. It is believed to give energy to the person carrying it; “take a little sun in hands”. Simbircite is also believed to promote domestic prosperity and happiness, enhance memory, sufficiency, creativity and the ability to recover peace of mind and equilibrium. 

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